The Confidence Collapse and Why It Matters for the Next GenERATION

In partnership with The Confidence Code for Girls, Ypulse conducted a nationwide quantitative online survey of 1394 8-18-year-olds and their parents/guardians. Participants were recruited from Ypulse’s proprietary SurveyU community. The survey was fielded between 2/8/18 and 2/13/18.

We uncovered some dramatic findings...


Between ages 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30%.

Between their tween and teen years, girls’ confidence that other people like them falls from 71% to 38% — a 46% drop.


More than half of teen girls feel pressure to be perfect.


3 in 4 teen girls worry about failing.

Between ages 12 and 13, the percentage of girls who say they’re not allowed to fail increases by 150%.


Nearly 8 in 10 girls want to feel more confident in themselves.

Download the full report for more stats, quotes, and poll findings:



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